Pyramid with Cups 2 in 1 ECO +, Chicco


Educational game for children aged 6-36 months.

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New Eco + line from Chicco, which collects new and existing items with a sustainable approach: we use recycled plastic from industrial stocks and bio-plastic from plant sources as raw material for our products.
The packaging is made with paper from sustainable managed forests and controlled sources.
With many environmentally friendly parents willing to contribute to nature conservation, Chicco believes it is important to offer sustainable products at an affordable price, such as traditional toys.

ECO + Pyramid Series with Cups:
The Pyramid with Cups 2 in 1 in the ECO + version will teach children a new way to play with respect for the environment.
The 2 in 1 ECO + Cup Pyramid is the smart version of the classic stacking game, which helps develop your baby’s cognitive ability, hand-eye coordination and logical connection. Five cups of different sizes that will be stacked to build a tower and five colored shapes that go into each cup separately. At the end of the game, all you have to do is place cups inside each other, from the largest to the smallest, to store them.
Made from 80% recyclable plastic, the Pyramid with 2in1 ECO + Cups, a series of sustainable toys made in Italy that respect the environment and represent our commitment to act responsibly towards children and the world, creating products that use fewer mineral resources for reduction of plastic waste pollution.
ECO + toys, like all Chicco products, offer high standards of quality, reliability and safety.
The products are made of 80% recycled plastic or 60% bio-plastic or 80% bio-plastic & amp; recycled plastic.
Packaging paper comes from sustainable managed forests and is fully recyclable.
Affordable, while usually eco-friendly toys have high prices that do not allow all parents to buy them.
Recommended age: 6 to 36 months





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